Shotokan Karate



New York Traditional Karate League   PICTURES

My Instructor Master Errol Bennett. 

  Paul's 1st place  Black Belt Fighting awards



1. The twin tower classics  2. Malone's Garden state nationals  3. The Duel of Champions  4. Team member three years in a row S.K.A east  5. Metro Fit Karate classic's  6.  The annual goju open karate do championships  7. Ed Browns Invitational Championships 8. North Eastern Open karate Nationals  9. The NEMAC Associations Memorial Karate Tournament  10. Top finalists in David Washington's New York city karate do championships  11. Top finalist in Miyazakies karate international championships.  12. Tom Festa's Greater Metropolitan Nationals.

Also Paul has made martial arts history and we quote from Sport Karate & Action Martial Arts Magazine. The nighttime finals began with an opening performance by the junior students of Long Island Tae Kwon Do accompanied with live music by Paul Sequence Ferguson. The opening number was a perfectly synchronized accompaniment of Basae. The crowd was awed, by this first ever anywhere live musician performing the background music for the entire martial arts event.  Paul also customizes music for forms and video.